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  • "Product List"
Arcaidia Innovation
Arcadia Innovation is founded in southern California five years ago and has two branch offices in Asia. Arcaidia Innovation focuses on devoloping Static Timing Analysis(STA) solution, fast and accurate ECO as well as signoff support, with expansion to constraint debug and other physical synthesis applications.
Beijing HyperSilicon Co. Ltd.
By supplying FPGA-based rapid prototyping board to the ASIC/SOC/IP/FPGA designers, HyperSilicon can help them to decrease the time to market for various consumer and communication products.
Vela DRC tool provides high precision physical verification, with near-linear scalability and performance on multiple hosts and multiple CPU cores. Vela DRC has been silicon-proven by top semiconductor companies, and its rule decks are supported by top foundries.
The CISC RFID Xplorer is a compact high-precision RFID test instrument. It is used to measure performance of RFID devices and application setups, to verify conformance and to support the development of readers, tags and ICs.
Cliosoft Software Inc.
ClioSoft provides a Design Data Collaboration Platform that is tailor-made to manage and version control design data from ANY design flow.
Defacto Technologies
Defacto provides RTL platforms to enhance IP Integration, Design Verification & RTL Signoff of IP cores and SOCs. Defacto help solve design problems in different areas such as SoC integration, low power, clock verification, RTL signoff, ECO and DFT.
linkglobal21 provides customizing solutions and services to the semiconductor companies and fabless companies
Our great experiences and skilled know-how on several years help give our customers the best products in a timely manner.
Lorentz Soultion Inc.
An EDA company focus on high-frequency (HF) integrated circuit design closure and sign-off.
Litho Tech Japan Co. Ltd.
Litho Tech Japan Corporation has, as a specialist in the field of lithography, offered various lithography-related products, including the development rate analyzer, lithography simulator, coater, developer and advanced process evaluation exposure system, in order to promptly meet customer neweds.
Magillem Inc.
Offers various industries tools and services that significantly reduce the global cost of tasks. maximizing content and IP Re-use, using vitual platform to configure their system and IP etc.
Magwel Inc
Magwel® offers 3D field solver and simulation based analysis and design solutions for digital, analog/mixed-signal, power management, automotive, and RF semiconductors.
MunEDA provides leading EDA technology for analysis and optimization of yield and performance of analog, mixed-signal and digital design.
Platform Design Automation, Inc.
Provides EDA tools and a comprehensive set of services to facilitate designs using highly scaled technologies. Our years of experiences in device modeling, PDK and cell library and robust design inputs including device models, PDK and cell libraries,solutions are all based on the latest technology.
Perceptia Inc.
Was founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley, and provides IC design services and IP. Our customers are semiconductor companies (IDMs, fabless, design houses) and system companies. Our expertise encompasses high-speed mixed-signal and analog/RF (full custom), custom digital, and digital physical design. Our IP is focused on high-speed data transfer (SerDes, DDR, wireless) and conversion.
PINEBUSH Technologies Inc.
PINEBUSH Technologies, Inc., located in Albany, NY, is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of high performance visualization printing and plotting software for semiconductor (EDA), IC, CAD, GIS, A/E/C, engineering, mapping, scientific, and other technical applications.
Runtime Design Automation Inc. 
Offers the best automation tools to manage all design resources such as licenses and cpus and to streamline the workflow.
Sage Design Automation is the design rule specification and verification company. They provides design rule consistency and closure between manufacturing process limitations, their respective DRM (design rule manual) representation and their DRC deck implementation.
Saratoga Data Systems Inc. 
Focuses on solving the problems associated with extreme data volumes. Saratoga provides the ability to manage data size, increase performance of data processing applications, and to move the data to its destination far faster.
Secure-IC Inc. 
Secure-IC has developed security solutions for any electronic embedded system and connected object to protect them against attacks and guarantee at each stage of the design process that the security level reached is optimal.
Semitronix Inc. 
An EDA company for yield improvement solutions.
Shannon Inc.
Shannon Direct-IO PCIe SSD based on native PCIe interface, enables application to directly access NAND flash by connecting flash to PCIe bus directly. Since this architecture gets rid of system overhead in traditional SSD such as protocol switching, raid controller, network protocol, it can greatly reduce the storage read/write latency.
is a leading provider of Design and Verification solutions - which help you accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of your ASIC, FPGA and SoC.
Wafer Charging Monitor Inc. 
The leading supplier of products and services for quantifying wafer charging in semiconductor process equipment including: ion implanters, ashers, etchers, and plasma deposition systems.
Wave Computation Technologies Inc.  
Develops cutting-edge computation technologies to simulate, analyze and optimize various wave behaviors in aerospace, electronic, photonic, medical, and geophysical related problems.